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Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.

Mech is a career resource mechanic addon that will display your current career resource in a new window which is registered to the Warhammer layout editor, therefore you can move it around at your will. This addon also features Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text integration if WSCT is installed.

mech [on|off] This will turn the addon on or off.
mech colour1 [x,x,x] The first and primary colour of the Mech window for class resources
mech colour2 [x,x,x] The second colour for the Mech window for classes like Shaman
mech font [1-14] This changes the font. It's not a size number, but rather a different font.
mech wscti [on|off] Turns off it's integration into Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text
mech foz [on|off] Lets the user fade the Mech window out when the resources are zero
mech cotf [on|off] Colours on the fly, so people using alts won't always get the same colours
mech [reset] Resets all of the options to the defaults given in the coding

Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.


Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.

1.83.0stableCHANGES --------------------------------------- v1.83 --------------------------------------- Tagged as 1.83, full release, minor patch Added Swordmaster support Increased length of Mech window due to Swordmaster support v1.82 --------------------------------------- Tagged as 1.82, full release, minor patch Small change to the welcome message Added support for the Disciple of Khaine (sorry, forgot about you guys!) v1.81 --------------------------------------- Tagged as 1.81, full release, minor patch Fix for the localisation not loading properly Fixed a problem with command printout v1.80 --------------------------------------- Tagged as version 1.80, full release Fixed a problem that was causing the Black Orc's messages to be cut short Fixed a potential bug with local messaging function Localisation is up and running, but I need translations so only English is available. Fixed the annoying problem of career resources not updating when leaving a Scenario due to a game bug Fixed an issue that was causing the Mech window to not be gray if you reloaded the UI with 0 resources Various code clean ups and rewrites v1.74 --------------------------------------- Tagged as version 1.74, beta release Added Witch Hunter support Added Witch Elf support Made a new file called "! help.txt" which contains info about the slash commands v1.73 --------------------------------------- Tagged as version 1.73, beta release Changed "cotf" setting to be defaulted to "on" when first installing Added cotf options to commands prinout for /mech Fixed a problem with the foz option causing it to add another line to WSCT Removed EA Career Resources Window dependancy v1.72 --------------------------------------- Tagged as version 1.72, beta release Few fixes implemented for 1.02 functionality Added "sounds" and "textures" folders for placeholder in future development Added sounds array and textures array for future development Adjusted description of Mech in the mod file Added localisation placeholders whilst I work on those Removed the config arrays from the core file and created a seperate config file Duplicated the config file and called it config.bak in case you edit it Added a chat window print out for when you reset the options. Large code re-write to several functions Fixed a lot of problems with the slash handler and re-wrote most of it Added the option "foz" which allows the user to fade/unfade the resource when it's zero. Changed 0 (zero) colour for all cirumstances to dark gray for when "foz" is on. Fixed a problem with the font system that would cause an interface error Removed a dev/debug line that was causing a script error Added code that means all your saved options aren't reset when using a newer version Merged colour1 and colour2 code into one function Extended the size of the Mech window for Black Orc purposes Fixed a big bug that caused mechs to fail when first installed until the ui or game was reloaded Fixed a large bug that stopped the class colours from being anything other than white until mech was reset Foz options when setting from /mech will now update the mechwin without having to alter resources first Fixed a problem that caused the mechwin to be blank after a UI reload until resources changed Added a new "cotf" option, which ignores saved colours and overwrites them with defaults always Fixed a settings issue that was caused by Mech being loaded before WSCT v1.70 - v1.71 --------------------------------------- Internal only v1.60 --------------------------------------- Renamed to 1.60, full release, removed beta status Fixed a rather annoying spam issue if you somehow got wscti on, but didn't have wsct installed. Fixed the chat message commands list having out of date options Corrected some typos in readme.txt Fixed Ironbreaker not working proper due to typo in code Corrected a wstring error in update code v1.51b --------------------------------------- Renamed to 1.51b, beta release Added Mech support for the Black Orc Added Mech support for the Ironbreaker Added WSCTI support for IB and Black Orc v1.50b --------------------------------------- Renamed to 1.50b, beta release Added WSCT integration Added new slash commands for WSCT integration Cleaned up some bad slash commands Fixed a problem causing the WSCT integration to spam Added proper Warrior Priest support Adjusted saved variables to allow for WSCTI Fixed the date in .mod file from September v1.40 --------------------------------------- Initial public release. EXTERNAL LINKS --------------------------------------- Mech: Libslash: WSCT: This mod features LibSlash integration, which is a slash command addon written by Aiiane. This mod features WSCT integration, which is an addon written by Grayhoof.Beakerz
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