Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.

WARNING: atm, tool is blocked by bug #17526.

You can select a player and define as an assistant, with the help of macros. Then you are able to select the character targeted by that assistant.

SmartAssist feature (if activated) is able to dynamically update your target by reading messages in chat (generated by your assistant)

You should drag macros you need to your action bar.

To use basic feature you'll have to:

1) you have to define the assistant - the name of the player will be stored in memory.
Simply target potential assistant and use macros "SwiftSetAssist"
(macros named "SwiftSetAssist" executes "/script SwiftAssist.SetAssist()"),

2) use macros "SwiftAssist". It should select same target your assistant is currently targeting.
You have to use macros every time your assistant switches to new target.

Extra option is to use "SmartAssist" feature (consumes lot of CPU, so you better disable it outside of a raid).
(!) SwiftSmartAssist does not replace your main/default assistant set by SwiftSetAssist, so you always have the choice between 2 players to assist: your manually set assistant and those shouting in chat.

1) you have to activate "SmartAssist" via "/swift smart" chat command.
It will listen to the chat and will memorize the name of the last player who have used the "SwiftAssistMe" macro.
Check prompt in the chat for extra settings available.

2) then simply use macro "SwiftSmartAssist" to assist player that have asked for help
(macros "SwiftSmartAssist" executes '/script SwiftAssist.Inactive(L"smart")

3) use "SwiftAssistMe" macros if YOU need to be assisted.
It will generate in chat a special message asking for help.
(very useful in case you are a MA in raid and you have changed your target and you need extra damage on your current target)
("SwiftAssistMe" executes "/script SwiftAssist.AssistMe()")

SwiftSmartAssist dynamically changes the smart-assisted player depending on filter parameters.
You can filter chat tabs to read to auto-pick a smart-assistant: warband - "/swift smart wb", party - "/swift smart p", etc.

It does not memorize the name of the enemy - it memorizes name of allie to assist ("/target" function is not implemented on the server-side)

If you have any questionsregarding SwiftAssist features or SwiftSmartAssist, you can use chat command "/swift help" to see list of all options hints available

Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.

Vous permet de sélectionner un joueur et de le définir comme joueur assisté, à l'aide de macros, vous pouvez sélectionner l'ennemi ciblé par ce joueur.
L'assistance intelligente changera dynamiquement le lecteur assisté (si activé)

Vous devrez faire glisser des macros sur votre barre de raccourcis:
1) Le premier est de définir l'assistance - le nom du joueur sera stocké en mémoire
(le nom "SwiftSetAssist" ressemble à "/ script SwiftAssist.SetAssist ()"),

2) la deuxième consiste à aider le joueur que vous avez configuré pour aider avec la macro "SwiftSetAssist"
(nom "SwiftAssist": les macros '/ script SwiftAssist.Inactive (L "assist")' seront éditées automatiquement une fois que vous aurez défini votre lecteur assisté, c'est-à-dire qu'elles peuvent ressembler à "/ assist Gobboxxx")

2 autres peuvent travailler ensemble
3) les macros "SwiftAssistMe": "/ script SwiftAssist.AssistMe ()" demanderont dans le chat de l'aide sur la cible actuelle
(utile lorsque vous êtes MA et que vous changez de cible et que vous souhaitez l'annoncer)

4) macros "SwiftSmartAssist": '/ script SwiftAssist.Inactive (L "smart")'
s'il est activé via "/ swift smart", il écoutera le chat et se configurera pour assister le dernier joueur qui a utilisé la macro "SwiftAssistMe"
(utile dans le cas où MA est mort et que quelqu'un d'autre annonce une nouvelle cible à se concentrer)

Important: (!) SwiftSmartAssist ne remplace PAS votre ensemble d'assistance principal avec SwiftSetAssist, vous avez donc toujours le choix entre 2 joueurs pour assister.
SwiftSmartAssist changera dynamiquement la cible assistée en fonction des paramètres de filtre.
Vous pouvez filtrer qui doit aider en le paramétrant pour assister uniquement la bande "/ swift smart wb" ou une partie "/ swift smart p" etc.
Il n'enregistre pas le nom de l'ennemi sur la cible (la fonction cause / cible n'est pas implémentée sur le serveur), il enregistre uniquement le nom de l'allié pour aider (/ assist Mybestfriend). Donc ... si allié désélectionne la cible et que vous appuyez sur SwiftSmartAssist - rien ne se passera

Please remember to keep info in regards to HOW an addon works, what it SHOULD do in the description and all temporary things(doesn't work now etc.) in the comments.

Es fügt ein Button für den Assist und einen, um den zu unterstützenden Spieler festzulegen. Außerdem zeigt ein kleines Fenster den unterstützen Spieler an.
2.4.4stablefixed text mistakesAktheon10809
2.4.3stablefixed macro icon not updating upon using /swift smart resetAktheon170
2.4.2stablefixed mistake in info messageAktheon173
2.4.1stablefixed a mistake in info messageAktheon206
2.4.0stableadded error messages for SwiftAssist and SwiftSmartAssist in case you don't anyone set to assistAktheon214
2.3.1stableadded filter in case smart is set to Warband, but warband was not created and people play in partyAktheon154
2.3.0stableAdded basic UI representation of last Player triggered Smart assist via "SwiftAssistMe" macro. you can clear it using /swift smart clear(reset)Aktheon158
2.2.1betashortened chat command /swiftassist -> /swiftAktheon159
2.2.0betaadded new Macro. Added /swiftassist smart setting. If enabled SwiftSmartAssist Macro will listen to chat and will be set assist last player that has used SwiftAssistMe macroAktheon192
2.1.1stableimproved performanceAktheon177
2.1.0stablefixed some bugs, added new functions for potential future useAktheon161
2.0.0alphareworked macroses. New macros has been addedAktheon219
1.15.0stableadded separate setting for city instance, modified console commandsAktheon182
1.14.2stableadded shortcuts for warband(wb), party(p) etc added option to set /say for Scenarios fixed broadcast in CitySiegesAktheon171
1.14.1stableSome small changes to console commands and better UXAktheon165
1.14.0alphaIdrinth Thalui9611
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Wed, 10 Jan 2024 10:00:28 +0000

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I've updated English description.
Please stop deleting English description

Wed, 10 Jan 2024 08:52:24 +0000

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updated url to ticket to bug

Sun, 16 Aug 2020 07:37:26 +0000

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Some player may experience problems with built-in "/assist" command that's been used by all assist/targeting addons. (no matter what addon you use)


Wed, 05 Aug 2020 00:50:42 +0000

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I've noticed that during city sieges sometimes  warband MainAssist can spend some time picking a proper target and it's not always clear, did he pick target or just got distracted by enemy players.
To nullify confusion, I've Added "SwiftAssistMe" macro that will announce in chat that target has been picked and has to be focused.

Another new macro is "SwiftSmartAssist" - it reads chat and will automatically switch assisted player to the last player that has used "SwiftAssistMe". Should be usefull in case when warband MainAssist is dead - other player can announce new target and wb will keep fighting.
(you still have to press macro key - full automatisation is impossible due to game limitations)